Infrastructure & Facilities



SCIENCE LABORATORY:- The college has a well equipped science laboratory which houses various science teaching articles and equipment for all branches of science like; physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. The teaching aids section adjacent to the science laboratory has varieties of Historical and Geographical maps, charts, models etc. besides, the college has also different audio visual aids for teaching of language, science, math , social study and other school subject.

HOSTELS (FOR MEN) :- The college has two hostels for men students:

1- Prof. Satrughna Nath Hostel

2- Janata Hostel

Seats in the gents hostels are allotted by the principal. But the hostel are managed by boarders purely on co-operative and democratic basis.

HOSTELS (FOR WOMEN) : There are 2 hostels for girl students.

Girls candidates, desire to staying in  the Women’s hostel should apply to the principal and after obtaining permission from the Principal, the lady candidates shall be admitted to the women’s hostels.

the mess in the women’s hostel is a self managed one. Boarders on rotation basis take the responsibility of managing the mess.

STUDENT’S AID FUND :- poor and meritorious students of B.Ed and M.Ed class will get financial assistance depending on the availability of funds during the academic session. They are to apply to the Principal in the prescribed proforma as per appendix-II. The selection committee of the college will finalize the final assistance to be given the students.

STUDENT’S WELFARE FUND:-  students of B.Ed and M.Ed classes those who are affected by severe illness and are unable to afford the cost of medicine, may apply to the Principal in the prescribed proforma as per appendix-III. Selection Committee of the college will finalize the financial assistance to be given to the students.


1- No of books in the library – 29,018

2 – No of educational Journals – 04

3 – No of different Encyclopedia – 30 set.

4 – Total seating capacity  in the library – 20 members.