Infrastructure And Facilities

1. Institute Facilities

The Institute is equipped with many other facilities to keep pace with the growing needs of time.
Information Technology
The Institute is equipped with most of the ultra-modern facilities of information technology to keep up its standard of a centre of advanced studies in education.
i – Computer Library
The Institute provides two computer labs for the benefit of the students and members of the staff. One computer lab is used for the students to expose them from computer literacy to the minimum technical knowledge of handling the computer. The other lab is used with internet facilities to equip the institute with latest developments in different areas in order to enrich the quality of pre-service and in-service education programmers of the Institute. Computer facility is also utilized for smooth management of office work to maintain and update its records. The institute library is also provided with computer facility for maintaining the catalogue, references and records.
ii – E-mail and Fax
In the age of advanced communication, the Institute has the facilities of E-mail and Fax for prompt communication in receiving and sending messages.

The Institute is equipped with Xerox facility. This facility is utilized for office purposes and for providing study materials to the participants of in-service teacher education programmed. Also, the facility is extended to the students for documentation.
UGC Network Resource Centre
Audio-Visual Laboratory
The institute is proud of its audio-visual laboratory which is equipped with sound system, V.C.P., V.C.R., educational discs, overhead projectors, television, computer and L.C.D. projector.
Science Laboratory
In order to provide exposure to practical and for the conduct of experiments in science there is a science laboratory in the institute. The teacher trainees during their internship period take the scientific equipments for demonstration in schools.
Hostel Facilities
The Institute is well equipped with the facilities of hostels for its students and participants of the In-service Teacher Education Programmed.
Gent’s Hostel
A two storied hostel facing the river Kathajodi is one of oldest hostels of the Institute. It has a capacity for 70 boarders. At present, the boy students of M.Ed and M.Phil classes put up in this hostel. The teacher participants of In-service Teacher Education Programmed are allotted accommodation in this hostel.
Kalinga Women’s Hostel
This two storied hostel building has been constructed under IASE scheme. It has a seat capacity for 50 boarders. At present, the boy students of B.Ed class are allotted seats in this hostel.
Kathajodi Women’s Hostel
This two storied hostel is one of the oldest hostels of the Institute. It has a seat capacity for 100 boarders. The women students of B.Ed, M.Ed and M.Phil classes are allotted seats in this hostel. Also the women students of RNST school which is under the administrative control of the Principal, RNIASE are allowed to stay in this hostel. The lady participants of In-service Teacher Education programmed are also allowed to stay in this hostel.
Guest Room
Each hostel has the facility of guest room to accommodate the guardians of the students when they visit their wards and intend to stay for a short period. The guest room facility is also extended to the persons who come to this Institute on official work.
Conference Hall
The Institute is equipped with a conference hall having facilities of seating provision, audio-equipments and overhead projectors. This hall is utilized for holding conferences, meetings and seminars of the Institute.
Demonstration Hall
There is a spacious hall with gallery system for demonstration lessons being delivered in pre-service and in-service teacher education programmers. It has the facility of utilizing over-head projectors for demonstration.

2. Hostel Facilities

Hostel Rules

There are three hostels attached to the institute: (1) Gents’ Hostel,
(2) Ladies’ Hostel and
(3) Kalinga Hostel.

All the hostels are under the administrative control of the Principal. Each hostel has a Superintendent and an Asst. Superintendent for its day to day management.

Gent’s Hostel

The Gent’s hostel is located in the institute campus and provides accommodation for 30 students. Accommodation in the hostel is allotted to students on the basis of merit in the selection list.

Kalinga Hostel

The Kalinga hostel is located adjacent to the Institute Campus. There is provision for 50 students in this hostel and accommodation is available on the basis of merit to M.Ed. & M.Phil. students. In addition to this, Research Scholars, In-service Teacher Trainees can also be accommodated in the hostel.

Kathajodi Women’s Hostel

There is a Ladies’ Hostel the Kathajodi Women’s Hostel located adjacent to the Institute campus. There is provision for 100 students in this hostel and accommodation is available on the basis of merit. This hostel also provides accommodation to the students of Secondary Training School for Women, attached to the Institute.

(i) Rules for the Gents’ and Ladies’ Hostel

  • Boarders will have to observe the following hostel rules:
  • Seats will be allotted by the Superintendents.
  • The internal management of the hostel rests with the Superintendents.
  • The Superintendents will be responsible for the maintenance of order and discipline in the hostel. All cases of gross misconduct must be reported to the Principal.
  • Boarders should in all cases obtain permission of the Superintendents and the Principal before joining any activity outside the Institute Campus, Raising subscriptions must receive the previous sanction of the Superintendents and the Principal.
  • No boarder shall be allowed to take up private tuition.
  • No boarder can take any direct action on punish in any other way, any of hostel bearers, cooks or menials for negligence of duty. All such matters should be brought to the notice of the Superintendents for taking appropriate action. Any kind of direct action taken by any boarder in this manner shall be considered to be serious breach of hostel discipline.
  • Boarders cannot leave the hostel without the written permission of the Superintendents.
  • All applications addressed to the Principal for leave from the Institute and the hostel, must be routed through the Superintendents.
  • Overstaying beyond the sanctioned period of leave is not permissible. If on account of extraordinary circumstances a boarder overstays–
    1. He/She must produce a satisfactory written explanation from his/her parents or natural guardian.
    2. If no satisfactory explanation is produced, disciplinary action will be taken against him/her under the existing provision.
  • Boarders will remain in their rooms and be engaged in study during the study hours.
  • No outsider is allowed to remain in the hostel.
  • Entertaining guests in the hostel is strictly prohibited. Infringement of this rule will be very seriously viewed.
  • For visiting cinema halls or attending any cultural functions prior written permissions should be obtained from the hostel Superintendents.
  • Prefects will be appointed for the hostel. Each of them will be given specific responsibilities by the Superintendent. They should being all matters of indiscipline to the notice of the Superintendents.
  • There will be daily evening prayer at 6p.m. to 6-30p.m.
  • The attendance register of the hostel will be maintained by the Prefects. They will take the attendance of the boarders twice daily at the time of evening prayer and at 10A.M.
  • Boarders should not handle or tamper with electric, sanitary or water supply installations under any circumstances. They will inform the watchman of the hostel, if anything goes out of order at any time, for taking necessary steps to repair.
  • The inmates of the hostels should observe strict economy regarding the use of electricity and water. All the lights in the rooms should be put out at 11-00P.M.
  • No boarder is permitted to take her/his meal in any part of the hostel except the dining space provided.
  • Boarders should lock up their rooms carefully when they leave the hostel for the safety of their belongings.

(ii) Discipline

The followings will be considered as breach of discipline.

  1. Absence from the hostel without leave.
  2. Singing or playing on any musical instrument except during the specified hours as notified by the Superintendents.
  3. Writing or in any way disfiguring the walls, doors or windows of the building.
  4. Mishandling the furniture and other hostel property.
  5. Holding of any special meeting in the hostel without the approval of the hostel authorities.
  6. Direct action taken by a boarder against a hostel bearer, cook or menial.
  7. Inviting outsiders without permission of the Superintendents.
  8. Keeping chemicals or explosives without permission of the Superintendents.
  9. Tampering with electrical installations.
  10. Using drugs and intoxicants.
  11. Gambling of any sort.
  12. Use of newspapers, periodicals, magazines and journals not approved by the hostel authorities.
  13. Negligence in community work.
  14. Misconduct of any other description.
    • Rules regarding any matter not covered above, will be framed by the Principal, as and when necessary.
    • The respective secretaries in charge of mess, sanitation, cultural affairs, games etc. are required to look after their duties as assigned to them by the Superintendents and the Principal.
    • Any breach of the above rules may lead to serious disciplinary action or expulsion from the hostel.

(iii) Additional Rules for the Ladies Hostel

  • No boarder shall go out of the Institute’s campus without the permission of the Superintendents or the Principal. Normally, they will be allowed to go out in groups of two or three.
  • When a boarder wants to go out of the campus, she should fill in the “Gate book” indicating the place where she is going to, the purpose of going out and the time of leaving the hostel, and on her return she should note the time.
  • All boarders should be in the hostel from 6P.M. till 6A.M. Absence from the hostel during these hours without permission of the Superintendent or the Principal is strictly prohibited & will be treated as an act of grave indiscipline.
  • Boarders are required to submit a list of approved visitors signed by their parents or guardians.
  • Approved visitors are allowed to visit their wards between 4P.M. to 6P.M. only on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Visitors should be received in the Visitor’s Room only.
  • Visitors should sign the “Visitor’s Book” before visiting their wards.
  • Visitors not enlisted shall not be allowed to meet the boarders without permission of the Superintendents or the Principal.
  • Boarders may visit their local guardian’s or natural guardian’s house with the permission of the Superintendent/Principal. On return, they should produce a letter from such guardians that they had stayed with them. The duration of stay should clearly be mentioned therein.
  • Each bedroom of the hostel should have curtains on the doors and windows.
  • The hostel gate will be locked up at 6P.M. No outsider will be allowed into the hostel campus after 6P.M.