Co-Curricular Activities

International Yoga Day (21.06.2019)

Independence day



Loka Sanskruti Divas


Teacher’s day

swachhata abhijana 

Observance of student’s day (15.10.2019)

Welcome ceremony

  Inaguration of wall magazine (puja bisesanka)


Sadbhabana Shabha (24.10.2019)

Observance with Mrs Krishna Mohanty (social worker) , Mr. Nabakrushna Das (social worker)




Vigillance Awareness Week (29.10.2019 to 02.11.2019)

Oath taking 

Elocuation among D.El.Ed. students


Vigillance awareness Rally

Monthly review meeting (30.10.2019)

National Unity Day (31.10.2019)


Oath Taking for National Integrity

Awareness meeting on Integrity 


Community Awareness Rally

Awareness on Sexual Harashment (02.11.2019)

Science Experiment based on SWAYAM cards (08.11.2019)

Practicing School Teachers and Students were involved

National Education Day – 11.Nov.2019

various activities are done like essay, debate competition ,Seminar presentation,rally on eve of National Education Day

Orientation On Action research (15.11.2019)

Action research orientation to 2nd year student teachers

Demonstration (15.11.19 to 19.11.19)

Demonstration to both 1st year and 2nd year Student teachers on different subjects by Senior Teacher Educators and Teacher Educators.

odia (prose) – Mr. Sarbeswar Dash

Odia (Poetry)-Mr. Prakash Kumar sahoo

Science-Mrs.Anindita Priyadarsini

Hindi-Mrs. Chandrika Nayak

English(poetry)-Mr. Bijaya Kumar Tripathy

English(prose)-Dr. Santosh kumar Parida

Mathematics- Mr. Manoranjan Mohapatra

History-Mr. Rakesh Kumar Behera

Geography-Mrs. Deeptiprava Das

Garima Silver Question Workshop (18.11.19 to 19.11.19)

2 days Workshop on preparation of Garima Silver Question for practicing activity in different practicing schools

2 days Mathematics feedback training (1st phase)-22.11.19 to 23.11.19

2 days Workshop on Action research (25.11.19 to 26.11.19)

Workshop on finalization of tools on Action research

Observation of Constitution Day (26.11.19)

Oath taken in morning assembly. Elocutions, Seminar paper and video show on Dr. Ambedkar’s contribution towards constitution framing.

2 days Science Feedback training(1st phase)-27.11.19 to 28.11.19

Talent search programme for both 1st year and 2nd year Student Teachers

3 days Workshop on Capacity building of student teachers through puppetry on social study- 28.11.19 to 30.11.19

2 days History Feedback training Programme (1st phase)- 29.11.19 to 30.11.19

Criticism class (2nd Dec 2019  to 23rd  Dec 2019)

criticism class is going on

Seminar on AIDS Day (1st Dec)

PLC on Networking(7th Dec)

Duty distribution for District level seminar (11th Dec)

Garima assesment (silver)-14th Dec and 16th Dec

opening of question-cum-answersheet packet in presence of Principal madam

Garima assessment at school point

Jhoti and muruja competition (18th Dec)


Greetings card preparation and display (20th Dec)

Annual sports (23rd Dec to 24th Dec)

New year Celebration(2nd Jan 2020)

Staff Meeting on District level Seminar(4th Jan 2020)

Awareness campaign to enroll the drop out students(11th January 2020)

Observation of Netaji Jayanti (23rd january 2020)

Elocution, video and photo gallery made on this occasion

District level seminar(24th-25th January 2020)

Unveiling Newsletter “chareibeti” and abstract of seminar paper

Observation of Republic Day(26th January 2020)

Multi-grade demonstration(28th January 2020)

multigrade demonstration to 1st year by Mr. Batakrishna Sahoo

Saraswati puja celebrations(30th January 2020)

Sharing of ideas of video conference with staffs(31st January 2020)

Inauguration of gym by principal Dr. Manjubala Sahoo on 04/02/2020

2nd Phase review of the functioning of CRCCs and BRCCs (Nayagarh Block) on 6th Feb 2020

2nd Phase review of the functioning of CRCCs and BRCCs (Nuagaon Block) on 7th Feb 2020

2nd Phase review of the functioning of CRCCs and BRCCs (Daspalla Block) on 10th Feb 2020

2nd Phase review of the functioning of CRCCs and BRCCs (Odogaon Block) on 13th Feb 2020

2nd Phase review of the functioning of CRCCs and BRCCs (Bhapur &Gania Block) on 14th Feb 2020

Feedback programme on content Based Pedagogy Training in English (Phase-III) from 17th Feb to 18th Feb 2020

food festival 26/02/2020


study tour 2020 to Kotagarh Cave Nayagarh

Quiz competition 12/03/2020