Educational technology and material development

Educational Technology and Material Development

Educational Technology and Material Development is one of the key activity of our DIET. The following activities are undertaken

  • Both Faculties and Student-Teachers use ICT.
  • Pre-service classes through ICT.
  • In-service training through ICT.
  • Various documentation activities are done in this department.
  • Provision for imparting knowledge to our student teachers on Fundamentals of computer knowledge.
  • Different activity cards prepared by student Teachers.
  • Formation of question bank.
  • Linking Textbook with Los.(Learning Outcome)
  • Preparation of TLM in different subjects.
  • Content based pedagogy material developed by In-service teachers.
  • Development of TLM through workshop mode.

Teacher Educators use ICT in In-service training programmes


 Preservice Student Teachers  use ICT in their seminar paper presentation


Professional WhatsApp group formed for learning enhancement