Pre-Service Teacher Education (PSTE)

Pre-Service Teacher Education Programme (PSTE)

The Pre-Service teacher education programme provides high quality curriculum for the education of elementary school teachers, with a special focus on understanding childhood, community and child development and inclusion of physical education and creative and performing arts. Understanding school curriculum and educational aims would enable student teachers to learn to make sound educational judgments about aims of education.

In a nutshell the roles of the institution are to;

  1. Engage pupil teachers in real life situations along with theoretical enquiry.
  2. Involving pupil teachers through dialogue to generate conceptual knowledge.
  3. Internship programme (Practice Teaching) at adopted schools for professional development of pupil teachers.
  4. Prepare report on School Based Activities (SBA) and Work Based Activities (WBA).
  5. Individual presentation on action research report.
  6. Giving importance to the development of the life skills of the students in relation to society and classroom.
  7. Prepare institutional academic plan.
  8. Using ICT tools in various activities.