The National Policy on Education, 1986 and its subsequent Programme of Action, 1992, envisaged for establishment of district level support providing instructions to Elementary and Adult Education system in the country. Accordingly, District Institute of Education and Training (DIETs) have been set up under a centrally sponsored scheme of Restructuring and Reorganization of Teacher Education launched during 1987-88.The Mission of a DIET is therefore, to provide academic and resource support at the grass root level for the success of various strategies and programmes being undertaken in the area of elementary and adult education .As pace setting institutions, DIETs are expected to become models for other educational institutions in the district and to improve the quality of manpower engaged in the education up to elementary level .Briefly speaking in the form of transactional philosophy a DIET has a three main functions-Training((both of induction i.e.pre-service level and continuing i.e.in-service level), Resource Support (extension/guidance, development of materials,aids,evaluation tools etc.)and Action Research. Besides DIET has to devote its primary attention to the promotion of education among (a)girls and women, (b)Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes,(c)minorities,(d) the handicapped, and (e)other educationally disadvantaged like school children   and marginalized  groups like working children, slum dwellers etc.

In Odisha, there are thirty  DIETs .All of them are operating under aegis of the Directorate of Teacher Education and SCERT, Orissa, Bhubaneswar. The District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), SUNDARGARH is one of them.