The Directorate of Teacher Education and SCERT came into existence as an independent Directorate on January 15, 1990. It progressively acquired its present status from the State Institute of Education, established in 1964 to State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) in 1979, and from SCERT to TE and SCERT in 1990. Its progressive evolution from SIE to TE and SCERT was largely mandated by ever expanding and emerging developments in education. Three important developments that accelerated the scale and pace of reforms leading to institutional strength included :

(i) unprecedented quantitative expansion of the education system to meet the explosion in people’s expectations;

(ii) shift of emphasis from quantity to quality; and

(iii) stress on research, innovation and extension as a means for renewal and reform of the existing system.

Expansion and deepening of original roles and responsibilities eventually led to its upgradation.