Mission & Vision

In pursuant to the provision of NPE and POA on teacher education, a Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Restructuring and Re-organisation of teacher education was approved. During these days, the DIET have been giving more focus of pre-service education but after the new vision of DIET as stated in NEP 2020 and particularly in view of the gradual phasing out of D.El.Ed programme, the future of the DIETs will as follows….

  • As the district academic authority and apex body of teacher education in the district, DIET takes care of capacity building of the different stake holders like teachers, head teachers, CRCCs, BRCCs, administrative officers of school education.
  • The DIET works as the mediator of quality school education between the state and grassroot stake holders. It will the nodal agency of implementing all plans and schemes of the Centre and State as well as put the grassroot level issues before the state and centre for policy changes.
  • The DIET prepares a vision plan/perspective plan for the district for a chronological holistic development in school education in the district.
  • The DIET prepares the composite plan of training and workshop every year as per the 5-year vision plan for sustainable development with District Samagra Siksha.
  • The DIET prepares modules and manual on different themes and contents and conduct all types of training, workshops, seminars, symposium, discussion forum, awareness camp for parents and community as well as the follow up activities in the district with a special focus on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy.
  • The DIET works for robust monitoring and mentoring the stakeholders of school education and the messenger of district progress for the state.
  • The DIET is the hub of digital education and a vibrant agency of uploading maximum e-content in DIKSHA Portal.
  • The DIET conducts different types of short-term/refresher Continuous Professional Development Course for the Teachers, Head Teachers, CRCCs and other stakeholders of school education in Physical,Virtual and Blended mode.
  • The DIET adapts the state textbooks as per the language and local cultural knowledge with specific focus of the district to make learning meaningful for the young learners.
  • The DIET publishes reading materials, journals, books for Teachers, Head Teachers, CRCCs and other stakeholders of school education.
  • The DIET is the agency of all types of large-scale assessment (NAS, SLAS etc.) as well as the School Based Assessment and take the initiative for further course of action to bring a change in quality education in the district. It will conduct large-scale, small-scale and collaborative action research in liew of the of the district specific issues with regard to school education.
  • The DIET prepares its action plan for Adult Education in the district and make itself accountable for better literacy rate in the district.