ICT initiative in Teachers Education

ICT objectives are:-


  1. To establish and enabling environment to promote the usage of ICT  especially in Higher secondary and secondary govt./aidedschools in rural areas,
  2. Enrichment of existing curriculum and pedagogy by employing ICT tools for teaching and learning.
  3. To enable students to acquire skills needed for the digital world for higher studies and gainful employment.
  4. To provide an effective learning environment for children with special needs through ICT tools,
  5. To promote critical thinking and analytical skills by developing self-learning.This shall transform the classroom environment from teacher centric to student centric learning.
  6. To promote use of ICT tools in distance education including use of audio visual medium and satellite based devices


An ICT lab is already in position and has become functional in the Directorate of TE & SCERT with the following accessories :-

  1. 20 Desktops
  2. 20 Ups
  3. 20 Keyboard
  4. OHP
  5. Screen




  • 7phases of Basic computer training and integration of ICT  programmewith officers and
    officials of this directorate and field institution.
  • Incorporationof  ICT contents at the level of 2years D.EL.Ed and B.Ed courses.
  • A video panel discussion on NO DETENTION POLICY.
  • A documentary film on CCE.
  • A feature film (Educational).
  • Workshops on ICT integration in Teacher Education.