Population & Adolescence Education Activity

National Population Education Project

The National Population Education project(NPEP) is implemented by 33 state/UTs through population Education Cells located in (SCERT/SIE/DTERT) SIERT and department of Education. The Project is one of the components of Quality Improvement in schools scheme. The Project focuses on:

  1. Integration of new population and development concerns like sustainable development, gender equity and equality and empowerment of women, family its roles and responsibility, health and education key by determents of population change, population distribution, urbanization and migration.
  2. Integration of Adolescence Education focusing on life skills development in the content and process of school education and teacher education.

Under  the project, various activities conducted to attain  the objective of population Education and Adolescence Education. Those activities are organized for strengthening the process of integration in syllabi, for life skills development related to population education including Adolescence Reproductive and Sexual Health (ARSH) concerns.

The NPEP cell of this Directorate organized various activities.

The following activities have been conducted:

  • Population day was observed, debate competition was organized involving the High School Children. The plantation was made by the children on the occasion.
  • Poster competition both for junior and senior groups was organized in the State Level Science Exhibition based on themes like, Global Warming and effect of drug abuse.
  • District Level Role Play Competition was organized.
  • District Level Folk Dance Competition was organized.
  • State level Role play competition was organized .
  • State level Folk Dance Competition was organized .
  • Life-skill question booklet on text book of upper primary and secondary schools developed.
  • Quiz booklet on population and adolescence issues developed.
  • Poster completion was organized in DIETs involving High School students.