Principal’s Message


Greetings everyone! I hope everyone is well and making their way through these
unprecedented times. Good news! – we are ready to continue instruction as a county
using distance learning. Understand moving forward that we will be really learning the meaning of flexibility and patience!
I have no doubt in my mind that the students, families and staff of BISFA will continue to thrive during this time. You are all incredibly special individuals – This is an opportunity to use those artistic skills of critical thinking, problem solving, persistence, creativity and discipline to make the most of this time.

● Critical thinking – It is not a stretch to say that many of your brains are constantly
in high gear – use it to reflect and find alternative ways around hurdles.
● Problem solving – This is time to really use those reasoning skills. Times of great
turmoil bring out the best in problem solving – How will all of this change what we
know going forward?
● Persistence – You have all been through unsure times – stay the course – keep
moving forward and do not give up.
● Discipline – Use the schedule created to get a routine. Now is also a time to work
on the technical aspects of your craft – practice….
● Creativity – The most outstanding works of art are created in times like these.
I know many of you are disappointed not knowing where we stand with performances,
graduation, prom and other aspects of the spring. Please know this – we are holding out
hope, and I am enlisting your creative spirit to also think through alternate possibilities.
This may end and we can finish out the year as scheduled, or we may have to really be
creative. Understand – you are so very important to us and I want you to gain as much
from this spring semester as possible. Seniors – You are who I most worry about most.
We will find a way to make this senior as special as it needs to be. Keep an open mind,
stay positive and we will work together moving forward.