As per the need of the hour and in view of the scarcity of Teacher Training Schools a Basic Training school was established at Bagudi, in the district of Balasore in the year of 1961 in the patronage of Late Rajanikanta Pradhan of Mahumuhan and hunourable the then MLA, Karunakara Panigrahi and other educated youths. Sri Chakradhara Choudhury was the first Headmaster of this newly opened school. Later this E.T school became CT Training Institute (S T school) in the year of 1997. In the mean time, with the change of nomenclature of existing Govt. Secondary Training Schools turned to Govt. Elementary Teacher Education Institution vide Notification No. 408/SME, dated- 06.01.2015 & 13178/ SME dated- 30.06.2015 and the  existing post of Headmaster has also been re-designated  as Principal vide letter No. 6079/ SME dt- 24.03.2015. Though most of the problems of the institution have been solved by now, still some are yet to be solved in a war footing moment to provide a better teaching learning environment to the student teachers of this Institution.