Mission & Vision

                                         VISION OF OUR TEAM


Action without an objective is a flop. No work can be fructified   unless having a goal set at the front, therefore everyone should have a clear destination.

Ours is a training institution. The work is to impart training to elementary teachers to be good teachers and thereby build the future of the nation. The task is not an easy one. If a doctor fails, the life of one patient is in danger. But if a teacher fails he can derail one generation of students in that school. Persons of all walks of life are made by teachers. Doctors, engineers, pilots, soldiers, politicians and every other personality owe their origin form within the four walls of a class room. An able teacher is one of the mast vulnerable, valuable assets of a state. As our institution has the task to fulfill to its capacity the noble duty for the society, We are working with team effort to complete it as far as we can.

The student teachers are the most valuable being for us. Though then we can see our vision fructified .Good teachers are always remembered as the architects of good students climbing to highest posts. Guru Viswamitra of Rama Laxam, Sadipanee of Srikrishna, Dronacharya of Pandavas and Kouravas, Guru Rama Das of Chhatrapati Shivaji are great Gurus of our ancient day who are steel remembered.

Therefore our main vision is to create good teachers having ability to transform the society to equalize and tranquilize the evil powers in the society. Let the ALMIGHTY be helpful to fulfill the vision and decorate his creation with beautiful humane flowers.