Teacher professional Development

Teacher Professional Development Planning and Management

Professional Development— formal in-service training to upgrade the content knowledge and pedagogical skills of teachers — is widely viewed as an important means of improving teaching and learning. Professional development is some form of education for teachers that can enhance or better their teaching or classroom environment. Professional development is important because education is an ever growing, ever changing field. This means that teachers must be lifelong learners in order to teach each new group of students. Professional development not only allows teachers to learn new teaching styles, techniques, and tips, but also interact with educators from other areas in order to improve their own teaching.

Programme and Activities for Teacher Professional Development

The focus of all activities aim at Capacity Building of CRCCs and Teachers so that they can help the students in attainment of grade specific Learning Outcomes adopting the Pedagogical Practices described in the Learning Outcome Handbook of NCERT.

◼ Strengthening the CRC: CRC is the pivot point which can provide appropriate academic support to teachers to transform their classroom practices.

◼ Capacity Building of CRCCs: Basically on Key pedagogical principles, ICT and mentoring and providing on site support.

◼ Review of the functioning of the CRCCs and BRCCs: Regularly working with the CRCCs through discussion on their activities (only on academic support to teacher) and reflecting on issues faced by them as well as teachers can help them to improve their capacity for mentoring.

◼ Capacity Building of Master Resource Persons: Preparing empowered resource pool at district and sub-district level and utilizing their services for teacher training, material development, research and other academic activities.

◼ District Level Seminar: for sharing of the interventions/ strategies which will encourage others to adopt innovative practices at school level.

◼ News bulletin on Innovative Classroom Practices: for sharing of those positive practices among stakeholders.


Review of the functioning of CRCCs and BRCCs at DIET block wise


Content based pedagogy training in Science


PLC on “Reflection in Education” by our faculty. Practicing school Teachers were also involved.

Involvement of CRCC in PLC


Content based pedagogy training on Mathematics

1st phase feedback training in Mathematics

1st phase feedback training in Science

1st phase feedback training programme in History

District level seminar on innovative practices for achieving learning outcomes

strengthning DIET,CRCCs  through  online mode by the Principal and Dr. Santosh Parida

a discussion session for 2 days done to clear CRCCs of the district about NEP 2020 on 1st and 2nd september 2020


PLC 12.01.2021 on preperation of powerpoint to develop E-education

A district level seminar was organised for the teachers of nayagarh district on the theme of enhancing e learning practices at elementary level on 28th and 29th january. The key-note speakers are Ms Pragatika Mishra, Ms Lipika Sahoo, Dr. Purnachandra Brahma, Dr Sudarshan Santara, Dr. Prasanna Kumar Sahoo. Dr. Tapas Kumar Nayak, Dr. Minakshi Panda, Asst. Director, TE & SCERT joined to encourage teachers to work with technology in their workspace. Innagurated The annual newsletter ‘CHAREIBETI’, Abstract Of the Seminar And the PLC Magazine.

Convergence Meeting 30.01.2022

Monitoring of FLN Activities

3 Days workshop on  Preparation on develping HOTQs 04.04.2022 to 06.04.2022

Acted as judge in TLM exhibition and FLN materials 


3 days orientation on FLN Date 11.04.2022 to 13.04.2022