Mission & Vision

Vision of our DIET

                Universalizing quality elementary education through change in school improvement and teacher development by continuous training, extension and research.

Mission of our DIET:

  • Ensuring Quality Learning in Elementary Schools and DIET.
  • Making the Teachers, Head Masters, ABEOs, CRCCs and other acquainted with the changing context in content and pedagogy.
  • Reflecting upon present work and vision for future change in Elementary schools and DIET


DIET Nayagarh has apparently the following aims and objectives:

  • To act as a Nodal centre for ensuring Quality Education in the Nayagarh District.
  • To prepare efficient and well trained teachers through its pre- service courses.
  • To empower the functionaries like C.R.C Coordinators, B.R.C. Coordinators and Head of the Primary and Upper Primary Institutions about the different components of Quality Schooling,
  • To train the members of the School Management Committee.
  • To evolve an effective system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
  • To carry on Action Researches and developing schools into Model Schools with special reference to cluster of schools in the area.
  • To design different kinds of training programmes which are genuinely need based.
  • To develop rapport with the community through Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) constituted by the D.I.E.T at the district level.
  • To ensure effective implementation of schemes introduced by Directorate
    of T.E & S.C.E.R.T, Odisha and OPEPA.
  • To work as an important agency in implementing the Educational policies framed at the National and State level.
  • To coordinate, monitor the educational activities of the district with active participation.