Particulars Name of the Institution                                                                                                 DIET, Boudh, Odisha
D.El.Ed. B.H.Ed. B.P.Ed. B.Ed. M.Ed. M.Phil
Intake Capacity 100 per Year
Land Area (sq. mtr) 6744.58 Sq. Mtr
Whether in the name of the Institution Yes
If not, what steps taken NA
Built up area ( 372
Classrooms (in Nos.) 2
Multipurpose Hall (in Nos.) NIL
Library-cum-Reading Room (in Nos.) NIL
ICT Resource Centre (in Nos.) NIL
Curriculum Laboratory (in Nos.) NIL
Art and Craft Resource Centre (in Nos.) NIL
Health and Physical Education Resource Centre (in Nos.) NIL
Principal Office (in Nos.) 1
Staff Common Room (in Nos.) 1
Administrative Office (in Nos.) 1
Visitor’s Room (in Nos.) NIL
Girls Common Room (in Nos.) NIL
Boys Common Room (in Nos.) NIL
Seminar Room (in Nos.) NIL
Canteen (in Nos.) NIL
Teaching-learning Resource Room (in Nos.) NIL
Room for Indoor Games along with facilities (in Nos.) NIL
Toilet (Male Students) (in Nos.) NIL
Toilet (Female Students) (in Nos.) 1
Toilet (Male Staff) (in Nos.) NIL
Toilet (Female Staff) (in Nos.) 1
Toilet (PWD) (in Nos.) NIL
Parking Space (in NIL
Store Rooms (in Nos.) NIL
Multipurpose Play Field (in NIL
Open Space for Additional Accommodation (in NIL
Play Ground (in NIL
Safe Guard against Fire Hazards (in Nos.) 2
Any other Room / Hall (in Nos.) NIL
Hostel (Boys) (in Nos.) 1
Hostel (Girls) (in Nos.) NIL
Residential Quarters (in Nos.) NIL
Dilapidated Quarters (in Nos.) NIL
Any other Dilapidate building (give details) NIL
Water Facilities (Borewell / Tubewell / Tap Water) Tap Water
Whether working or not Yes
Barrier free corridor for PWD candidates Ramp) Yes
No. of Desk and Bench for students (in good condition) (in Nos.) 66
No. of Smart Board functioning in the Classroom (in Nos.) NIL
No. of Computers available for students (in Nos.) 22
No. of Computers available for staff (in Nos.) NIL
Internet facilities for students NIL
Internet facilities for staff NIL
No. of TV available 2
No. of CC Cameras functioning NIL
Bio-metric Machine (both for students and staff) Under Process
No. of Library Books 1950
No. of Journals NIL
No. of Water Cooler for staff NIL
No. of Water Cooler for students 1
No. of Aqua Guard for Staff NIL
No. of Aqua Guard for Students 1
No. of Aqua Guard for Hostel for Boys 1
No. of Aqua Guard for Hostel for Girls NIL
Any other items please specify