Key Activity 5 – Field Interaction and Action Research

Field Interaction and Action Research

Teacher plays vital role in creating an enabling learning environment in the school. The student friendly school environment, effective teaching learning/ classroom process, use of contextual teaching learning material and process based assessment outcomes will help the students to improve their level of learning. So, the teacher must prepare themselves to be well equipped with all the aspects.  They must be enabled to develop their own skills, strategies and capability more effectively to meet the need of the students with respect to attainment of learning outcomes. In this context, DIET has a major role in working with teachers at school point and understanding their needs and developing plan of action and implementing those collaboratively with teachers. During this process, the problems of the classroom process has to be addressed through conduct of action researches.

Vision for the adopted school for their academic improvement

Building an enabling academic climate in the schools for improving the classroom practices which results in enhancing the grade specific attainment level of learning outcomes of each student through collaboration, mentoring and research.

Objectives :

  • Working closely with the schools and gaining first hand experience on different dimensions of teaching learning process
  • Developing alternative ways of teaching learning approach and experimenting those in the schools
  • Identifying the problems in the school and classroom related activities and Conduct of action researches in collaboration with teachers

Target Group:

  • All the teachers, Headteachers and students of five adapted schools of Khordha municipality along with Teacher Educators and Student teachers of DIET Khordha
  • Elementary teachers of Khordha district
  1. Name and Address of the Adopted Schools :
  • Practicing UGUP School, Khordha Municipality, Khordha
  • Govt UPS Bhaliabadi , Khordha Municipality, Khordha
  • Block REO Colony School, Khordha Municipality, Khordha
  • Govt UPS Samantarapur, Khordha Municipality, Khordha
  • Project Upper Primary School, Khordha Municipality, Khordha



Different modalities have been adapted for academic mentoring at schools. These are:

  • Direct interaction with teachers and development of plan of action
  • Classroom observation and reflection
  • Creation and activation of Professional Learning Community
  • Sharing through different mode (what’s app, Blog)
  • Review and feedback
  • Action Plan for improvement in classroom practices
Activity Target group Time frame ( 2019-20) Remark
Preliminary discussion on Academic mentoring Programme teachers, Head Teachers and DIET faculty August Completed
Need Assessment of teachers Teachers of the adopted Schools August Completed
Prioritization of needs Teachers of the adopted schools August Completed
Development of Plan of Action Teacher Educators, Teachers and Head teacher August Completed
Creation and activation of PLC (What’s app group) Teacher Educators and teachers August—— Continuing
Implementation of Each One Teach One Project in Practicing School Teacher Educators, Teachers, Student teachers, Students August……. Continuing
Implementation of strategies for improvement of classroom practices ( school and grade specific) to attain Learning Outcomes Teacher Educators, Teachers September…… Continuing
Development of Activity cards beyond textbook Teacher Educators, Teachers, Student Teachers September– November
Language club, Math club, Science club and Social Science Club activities Teacher Educators, Teachers, Student Teachers, students October—–
Collaborative Action research on enhancing the attainment of  Learning outcomes of the students Teacher Educators, Teachers October – December
Development of Contextual TLMs and use it in classroom Teacher Educators, Teachers, Student Teachers November
Development of question bank and use it for process based assessment Teacher Educators, Teachers, Student Teachers October- December
Analysis of Summative Assessment 1 result, development of PoA and implementation Teacher Educators, teachers and student teacher November- December
School Internship Programme Teacher Educators, Teachers, Student Teachers November- December
Sharing of good classroom practices for improvement in attainment of LOs in the District Level Seminar Teachers, Teacher Educators January 2020
Talent search programme Teacher Educators, Teachers, Student Teachers December- January 2020
TLM Mela, Science Exhibition Teacher Educators, Teachers, Student Teachers January-February 2020



SESSION: 2019-2020

  • Twenty ( 20) Collaborative Action Research shall be conducted from October 2019 to January 2020 : Teachers of Khordha District and Teacher Educators of DIET
  • Small Scale research on Impact of School Internship Programme in Professional Skill Development of Student Teachers

Researchers : Ms Mitanjali Senapati, TE and Ms Rasmirekha Swain, TE