Key Activity 3 – Educational Technology and Material Development

Educational Technology and Material Development

The classroom is now changing its look from the traditional one i. e. from one way to two-way communication. Now teachers as well as students participate in classroom discussion. ICT acts as the gateway to the world of information and helps teachers to be updated. It creates awareness of innovative trends in instructional methodologies, evaluation mechanism etc. for professional development. In DIET Khordha , different   web based tools are explored and used  in pre-service teacher education programme.


  • To enhance the quality of the teaching learning process by integrating ICT in the Pre service teacher Education programme
  • To empower the teacher educators and student teachers for effective use of different web based tools in the curricular and other curricular activities.

Facility available:

  • A well-equipped ICT Laboratory having twenty-four desktops, six laptops and internet connectivity are in place. Most of the student teachers have smart phones with net connectivity.

Target Groups :

  • 93 student teachers of First year course
  • 92 student teachers of Second year course
  • 17 teacher Educators
  • In Service Teachers


  • Intensive use of technology in the class and also out of the class, use of online class ( Edmodo, Google Classroom)in the pre service teacher education
  • Development of e resources in different school subjects and using those in the elementary classroom
  • Online assessment , quiz
  • Online Progress register, scheme of lesson
  • Online need assessment, survey, polls everywhere
  • Creation of Blog and regular posting of ideas and discussion on those ideas among faculty
  • Newsletter, Annual magazine, wall magazine etc have been published in DIET
  • DIET has an active library and resource room. The resource room contains textbooks of different grades, modules, self-learning materials, journals, reference books etc

Book : Learning, Unlearning and Relearning : Exploring New Paths was published by PLC DIET Khordha in January 2020

Handbook on Content analysis and Taxonomy of Objectives was published by PLC DIET Khordha in January 2020