Key Activity 4 – Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment is an integral part of teaching learning process. The purpose of assessment is to know the learning levels of the student teachers/ students and to improve their performance by adopting suitable approach. It’s a continuous process.

Target groups :

  • Student teacher ( 1st year and 2nd Year)
  • Elementary level students

Activities :

  • Both paper pencil test and online test have been conducted frequently to assess the student teachers’ progress and provide continual feedback for improvement.
  • Different types of national Surveys like ASER, NAS have been conducted with the help of student teachers and faculty
  • The programme evaluation of different activities – Pre service, In-service have been conducted to assess the effectiveness of the activity.
  • Follow up programme is being a part of all the conducted in DIET.
Plan of Action of for Assessment and Evaluation
Sl.No Activity Objectives Target Group Transactional Mode
1 Discussion on Assessment and Evaluation of the current year to be conducted To discuss about the process of various activities of assessment and evaluation and develop Plan of action Faculties of DIET Khordha Group discussion
2 Subject wise class tests To assess the knowledge and skill level of the student teachers ( 1s t year and  2nd year) . Student teachers Classroom transaction adopting various strategies
3 Assignments To increase the learning capabilities of student teachers. Student teachers Through paper-pencil  and Online
4 Projects To assess the 21t century skills-critical thinking, problem solving, creativity Student teachers Out class activity, Different Exhibitions
5 School -based Activities To enhance students understanding , skills and effectiveness in different practical activities of the school Student teachers School visit during Internship
6 Workshop based Activities To participate in group work and produce group based product Student teachers In class activities
7 Action Research To reflect on own teaching process and develop plan of action for improvement Student teachers During Internship
8 Internship programme To develop classroom management skills , design learning activities , aware about assessment processes  and to integrate basic pedagogical knowledge with the real classroom processes . Student teachers Lessons delivered  in different classes  and in different subjects as per syllabus
9 Seminar To develop the capabilities to analyse different issues and present the ideas Student teachers Open discussion


10 Pre-Board  Examination To acquaint the student teachers with the pattern of Board Examination and make them readiness   for the Annual Examination . Student teachers Online and in classroom
11 Field based Assessment like Summative 1 , Summative 2 , National / State level Achievement Surveys To assess the learning level of elementary students. Faculties of DIET Khordha

and  Student teachers

Field level survey

School Certification Programme  (Garima)

The survey for  bronze category was conducted in August and Sept 2019 by the student teachers of DIET Khordha, ETEI Tangi and ETEI Bhubaneswar. Assessment survey was done in 621 schools and 354 schools were awarded.

In the month of December, for Silver category, the survey was conducted in 354 school. The student teachers of DIET Khordha conducted the survey and 144 schools were awarded.